Oct 12, 2017

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3 Things to Consider Before Extending Your Home

3 Things to Consider Before Extending Your Home

Extending your home through additional build out can be a tricky endeavour, but it’s a great way to up the value of your space, increase its live ability and add make your property more desirable to futures buyers. With good planning, proper craftsmanship and engineering and, most importantly, quality materials, your home expansion can be the best thing you’ve ever done for it.

How do I get started?

Determining where you’d like to expand and what form the expansion must take is the first step in any home extension project. After you’ve got a rough idea, a custom plan can be arrived at with a professional builder, draftsman or architect. Getting the right person for the job is essential, so make sure you shop around town before you pick your man. It never hurts to get the best building sand or plaster sand from reputable aggregate suppliers, either!

Take your external space into consideration

Once you get a handle on what role the extended space will fulfil and where it must be constructed, you’ve done most of the big decision-making. It is, however, important to try to visualise how the extra construction will impact your outside space. Many homeowners have realized that expansions can be bittersweet in that it compromises your garden – especially if the location has been chosen without much deliberation. Make sure you know what you want and where you want it, and that you know how big it has to be before you regret sacrificing your beautiful outside area to build it!


Consider the legal implications

Any additional construction on a property, especially one in town and in close proximity to other dwellings, must be legally sound and approved by the local municipality’s planning department. Whatever you’re building, whether it’s a wall around your premises, a pool, or simply anextra room to your dwelling, make sure that you liaise with the relevant persons about the legality of the project. If you’ve sourced the pros to help you pull off the perfect job, they can generally facilitate this process, as well.